Calulate Carbon footprint the smart way.

Manage, measure, reduce and disclose your carbon emissions in real-time with our accurate, transparent Net Zero carbon footprint software.

Aligned with global standards

Packed with features. Designed for simplicity.

Faster footprinting
AI-powered automation and intuitive UI make emission management 10x faster.
Easier compliance
Advanced dashboards enable real-time, compliant reporting.
Smarter reduction
Proactive reduction planning and simulations enable smarter decision-making.
Accurate measurement
Achieve ultimate accuracy by measuring any emissions across all three scopes.
Automated reminders
Never miss your reporting window with proactive reminders.
Benchmarks and Targets
Set targets that are aligned with your corporate growth trajectory.

Our Process. Simple & Easy.

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Simply upload your Data into our Net Zero Software & the software will do the rest.

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Get scope 3 emission accounting with live carbon footprint and SECR Reporting in less than a minute.

One Stop Carbon Accounting

Simplify carbon measurement

You don't need climate consultants to measure and offset your emissions. Our software can be used by the whole team, with no training, to achieve carbon neutrality faster. Carbon supports Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions measurement. Simply setup you account with your company details to get started and upload your Data & the software will do the rest. Then Download the report you need.

Intsant access to live carbon footprint with full Scope 3 Analysis & SECR Reporting

Carbon is a one-stop access to complete carbon accounting. We shortcut the hassle of data collection and provide a solid methodology to do scope 3 emission accounting with live carbon footprint and SECR Reporting plus continuously track reductions over time through permanent and “real-time” insights.

Execute on reduction strategy with enterprise-grade simulation engine.

Emission deep dives allow you to quickly identify emission hot spots and potential areas for reduction initiatives. Set targets that are aligned with your corporate growth trajectory. Benchmark granularly to drive performance.

Loved by customers
“After having analysed a few platforms, we opted for Zero Reality since it is very user friendly, easy to navigate and implement the platform.”
Joan Sanders
Operations Manager
"The Zero Reality platform has enabled us to monitor our carbon footprint. It has proved to be critical in our ambitious journey towards reducing the carbon footprint from our operations by 65% in five years.."
Benjamin Myer
CEO & Founder
"The Zero Reality team is always at hand to assist with any queries.Together with Carbon we have ensured that everything we do is climate positive and leaves a legacy."
Sandra Tate

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Projects pursuing net zero carbon, carbon neutrality or projects wishing to evaluate the possibility of achieving one of the above

    Yes, our team will help you set up the platform and provide you with guidance on how to use it.

    We work with companies from different industries, from professional services and tech businesses to construction companies and manufacturing sites.

    Again, net zero is coming to a balance between emissions and those which have been removed from the atmosphere. Gross zero means stopping all emissions, period. 


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